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Bissell X Novare Collab


Many fans of beer in the area already know that Novare Res is one of the most well-respected beer bars in Portland, whose dedication to serving quality beers that meet a high level of standard makes it a must-visit for anyone thirsty for a quality beverage. In the spirit of our longtime friendship with these lovely folks, we decided to make a beer together. The resulting brew, a Belgian Pale Ale called Trois Rivières, is a loose homage to the best beers of that style from Belgium, and to our mutual love of those beers. Weighing in at 6.5% ABV, this beer is heavily hopped in the kettle with Saaz and Callista in equal parts, imparting the subtle, grassy bitterness of a traditional pale ale with a hint of new-age melon from the Callista. Think dry and hoppy, but with a unique Belgian yeast character twist. 


To put it more succinctly: a true ode to friendship that we can’t wait to drink. See you all on Saturday!