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You Earned It: Session 12


You Earned It Session 12 – American Light Lager

We’re no stranger to sports here at Bissell Brothers Brewing. I dare say all of us have had some athletic involvement during the course of our employment here, some of us admittedly kicking and screaming but, depending on the sport, that could be a good thing. Beer goes with sports like pretzels go with..well, beer. It really does go with so many things. And what feels better, after a hard fought win, than enjoying an ice cold beverage?

That’s why The Team, comprised of four of our most athletic brewery employees – each capable of a 37-inch vertical leap – brewed an American Light Lager: the style that’s been hydrating our nation’s strongest and most coordinated citizens for generations.

What is it about sports that leaves such a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of fans and players alike? We think it all comes down to moments. Moments that make spectators stare in awe at the talent, the sportsmanship, the pure and obvious love of the game. Moments of glory that even as they are happening are written into the annals of sports history. Moments that make you sit back, marveling, and say, “What a team”.

This beer was made for moments like those.

As part of the You Earned It series, the Team’s chosen charity is Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association, an all volunteer run non-profit that provides youth hockey instruction to over 400 kids in Maine.

The Interview
Charity of choice

Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association

Charity Contact Info

Name of beer

What A Team

What inspired you to make this beer?

We brewed this beer in search of the perfect recreational beer. A beer that can be enjoyed before, during, and after your preferred sporting event.

Tell us about your charity and why you chose it?

We chose SMYHA in order to give back to youth sports. Sports played a big role in all our childhoods and showed us what it meant to be apart of a team. Wade’s daughter, Sophia, currently plays in the SMYHA. She is learning to work with her peers to achieve a common goal as well as making lifelong friendships. It was an easy decision to support SMYHA while they are currently supporting Sophia and many other young athletes.

What part of the brewing process do you enjoy most?

Being able to brew with Patty and learn from him was extremely valuable to all of us.

Any tips for how this brew should be enjoyed?

This beer was built for speed not comfort. But, to be clear, it is also comfortable.

What has been the best part of brewing a pilot beer? Any ideas for next time?

Being able to brew this beer as a team.