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Subby Day

April 27

The Substance Ale was our very first beer, and the beer that built Bissell Brothers. So we only play around with it once a year, on one very special day. It’s Subby Day, my dudes.

We’ll have our flagship IPA, The Substance Ale, available alongside a whole family of variants available on draft and in cans… one brand new, and the rest you’ll recognize from last year. We will be presenting you with:

DOUBLE SUBSTANCE // A decade of askin’, now we’re answerin’. Extra Maine-grown grain in the mash and jacked up hop intensity made for an 8% version of our flagship IPA.

NITRO SUBSTANCE // Why not! We’re putting our flagship IPA on nitrogen for the very first time, resulting in a smoother, softer Substance experience. We’ll have it pouring from our taps and in cans, so don’t forget your instructions if you’re taking it home: pour straight down out of the can into the glass for maximum nitro enjoyment.

ORIGINAL RECIPE SUBSTANCE // The ultimate throwback emerges from our time machine in the beer that we affectionately call OG Subby. A simpler-yet-headier hop bill and a different yeast strain results in a more West Coast-inspired take on Substance, inspired by Noah Bissell’s original recipe penned in 2012.

SPRUCE TIP SUBSTANCE // This one is a favorite: Substance, but with a whooole lot of spruce tips thrown in. They play so well together that after the first time we brewed it, we started bringing it back annually as a unique twist on one of our most familiar beers.

_________ SUBSTANCE // A brand new twist on our beloved flagship… More info coming soon.

…and if all that is not enough, our kitchen’s working on some extra-special specials to celebrate with. Hope to see you there!