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Bissell Brothers is a community built around a common love and interest, and through that we have created a passionate and genuine Team. We focus highly on quality, not only in the product we make, but in the lives of the people who make it. The wellbeing of our Team is the foundation for what we do, and as an employer we understand we have the unwavering responsibility to create a stable, supportive, and culture-driven workplace.

Voted Best Places to Work in Maine 2023

Working With Us

Bissell Brothers offers 3 competitive Health plans via Aetna, through Cross Insurance. Bissell Brothers contributes 50% of the premium whether it’s for Employee Only, Employee & Spouse, or Employee & Family.

We offer Dental coverage via Delta Dental. Dental premiums are covered by the employee.We offer Vision coverage via Infinity Trust. Vision premiums are covered by the employee.

Pre or Post Tax Contributions, with matching contributions.

Women talking about the brewing process
Man moving wet hops
Person working the canning line


Bissell Brothers is proud to announce that we’ve created an internship program to provide hands-on education and experience to individuals and groups who are underrepresented in our industry.

Beer has always been a beverage of the people - all people. Yet, as beer’s reach and the popularity of craft beer has grown, so has the barrier to entry into the industry. This internship is part of our larger commitment to creating a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for all. If you love beer and want to learn more about working in production, we want to help you! Through this program we are dedicated to improving access to our industry for everyone, and actively seek to better represent the diversity of our community at large. We are passionate about making craft beer a more inclusive space, and we actively seek applications from underrepresented groups. We encourage people of all genders, races, and ethnicities – and from all cultural backgrounds – to apply.

This paid internship was designed to help create the change the brewing industry needs by providing tangible experience to individuals who are passionate about beer but are struggling to break into the industry. This internship requires no previous experience in the commercial brewing industry, but seeks individuals who are passionate about learning about the product we are here for: beer.