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Something Of Ourselves: Table Beer

Table Beer

The latest entry in our new series of rotating beers spearheaded by our Leadership Equity Action & Diversity (LEAD) Team. We’ll brew a different style quarterly, and donate proceeds to a non-profit that’s also committed to advancing issues of equity and representation in our community. First up, we’ll be donating proceeds from this beer to Maine Initiatives: A network of individuals supporting greater social, economic & environmental justice in Maine through informed, intentional, and collective philanthropy. Learn more at

We hope this series not only highlights and raises funds for a lineup of worthy organizations, but serves as an opportunity to reflect, learn, educate, and create a more equitable environment for all… And ultimately, to share in and enjoy the one thing we’re REALLY here for: beer.

Read our Code Of Conduct here, and learn more about the Equity Internship and apply here.